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APRIL 28, 2021

Thank You To Our Sponsors


ABOUT DR. STEWARTFor the last 20 years, Dr. Stewart has focused on defining human beta cell cycle control, with the goal of developing therapeutic approaches to regenerating the beta cells lost in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  In 2015, his research identified the first small molecule agonist of human beta cell proliferation – harmine – using high throughput screening approaches.  He then reported the first comprehensive effort to decipher the molecular control mechanisms of human insulinoma to identify key control points for beta cell replication that would serve as drug targets for human beta cell expansion. 

Finally, in 2019, a number of novel drug combinations were found to induce human beta cell regeneration.  He is currently focusing on approaches to target those regenerative drugs to the human beta cell. 

Among his many distinctions and honors, Dr. Stewart received the Columbia University Alumni Recognition Award for Excellence in Clinical Investigation, The Endocrine Society Gerald D. Aurbach Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement, and the University of Uppsala Diabetes Center Ray Kroc Scientific Award.

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The Greater Pittsburgh Diabetes Club (GPDC) is a group of multidisciplinary clinicians who have a special interest in diabetes. We provide a venue for non-biased specialty level educational programs, networking, and social interaction.

Members of the GPDC are residents of the Greater Pittsburgh / Southwestern Pennsylvania area who are actively engaged in diabetes research, the teaching of diabetes care, and/or the practice of endocrinology.  Membership to the GPDC is open to Adult and Pediatric endocrinologists (MDs and DOs), NPs, PAs who specialize in endocrine and/or diabetes care; Pharmacists, Dietitians, Nurses who specialize in endocrine and/or diabetes care; and other clinical health professionals with a special interest in diabetes.  In addition, fellows in the field of endocrinology and metabolism are members, free from dues.

The Club hosts two dinner programs per year with  CME and CEU credit offerings.  A deep discount (complimentary at times) to attend each program is offered to members.  The meetings also serve to network with colleagues and friends in a social setting.  Your input and participation are encouraged.

We welcome new members!  Dues are $25/year. Anyone interested in joining the Greater Pittsburgh Diabetes Club or attending a program should contact Nadine Popovich at 412-321-5030 or email  


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